Collegiate Farm Bureau is a student-run organization that works to promote agriculture on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.  As a voice for agriculture at UW, Collegiate Farm Bureau connects students through agricultural advocacy, education, professional development, and interaction with industry leaders. As a group we discuss agriculture policy and current events. We are in affiliation with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.

CFB at UW-Madison was started in the fall of 2010 by a small group of students looking to share agriculture with the whole student body on campus.

Past Presidents
Julie Martin, 2010-2011
Jake Lange, 2011-2012
Lauren Holterman, 2012-2013
Taylor Fritsch, 2013-2014
Taylor Holterman, 2014-2015
Brad Jaeger 2015-2016
Sara Griswold 2016-2017
Connor Willems 2017-2018