Agriculture is vital to Wisconsin tourism

The Collegiate Farm Bureau started off 2018 with the importance of tourism in Wisconsin. Drew Nussbaum, a Regional Tourism Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, spoke at the meeting. He discussed the different ways agriculture plays an essential role in Wisconsin tourism.

Nussbaum emphasized the importance of personal contact in today’s world of technology and simply shaking someone’s hand when you meet them. Nussbaum also showcased videos the department has been producing. The 40-second clips capture a unique place to tour in Wisconsin, while mainly focusing on the business.

Those videos can be found at the Travel Wisconsin YouTube page. Many of these videos explore the ways tourists can engage with the agricultural industry in Wisconsin. For example, the department produced a video highlighting Wollersheim Winery, which can be found here. They also created a video about Skelly’s Farm Market in Janesville.

Nussbaum concluded the talk with the Tourism Department’s goal to reach 20 billion tourists by the year 2020. However, they reached this goal in 2016. Missouri, Indiana, and Pennslyvania are the top three states tourists visit from. The sky’s the limit for Wisconsin Tourism.

Collegiate Farm Bureau members learning about Wisconsin Tourism and the importance of agriculture.

Content and photos provided by Sara Griswold and Drew Nussbaum.


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