Local fourth grade students learn about cranberries during Ag in the Classroom

Collegiate Farm Bureau (CFB) traveled to West Middleton Elementary School this past Friday to teach future generations about agriculture. The Agriculture in the Classroom program seeks to provide basic information to students about our state’s largest industry, agriculture, through lesson plans and interactive activities. The lesson was led by Jessica Wendt, CFB’s Agriculture in the Classroom Director. Sara Griswold, Summer Henschel, Alyssa Seitz, and Amber Dammen also participated.

CFB members played agriculture games and taught a lesson to about 100 fourth grade student from West Middleton. They talked about the variety of industries that make up Wisconsin agriculture, but focused on cranberry production. Elementary school students participated in a true and false game while learning facts about cranberries. Students were also challenged to come up with as many uses for cranberries as they could think of.

Jessica Wendt and Sara Griswold teach fourth grade students at West Middleton Elementary.

The lesson ended with a short video about the history of cranberries in Wisconsin and featured several Wisconsin cranberry producers. The video focused on how producers are good stewards of the land in Wisconsin.

“It was so fun to see the 4th grade students get so excited about cranberries,” said Wendt

At the end of the lesson the students enjoyed delicious packets of dried cranberries from the Wisconsin Cranberry Association. “It was so fun to see the 4th grade students get so excited about cranberries,” said Wendt. “A lot of them didn’t know that Wisconsin produced so many cranberries. It was exciting to see them so proud to learn about agriculture in our state.”


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