Mycogen offers opportunities at last CFB meeting of the semester

Eggnog and Mycogen Seeds were featured at the last Collegiate Farm Bureau meeting of the semester. CFB members heard a speaker from Mycogen and learned more about the upcoming spring trip to Florida.


Geoff Schrof, a representative of the newly merged Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Pioneer, spoke at the meeting. Dow AgroSciences and Du Pont Pioneer are 22,000 employees strong and spend around $1.3 billion in annual research and development. Schrof is the sales manager in the western United States for the Mycogen seed brand.

Fun fact: Dow provides a structural pesticide product that is used on the Statue of Liberty

Schrof talked briefly about the significant growth in the agriculture industry. “We’re doing a much better job of creating systems that enhance yield and protect yield,” said Schrof, “What it means for you is more jobs.”

“The thing that makes America great is cheap food,” said Schrof talking about the efficiency of the agriculture industry, “All of us in the room need to keep pounding our chest on that to the public.” With a growing population and increasing urbanization, there is increasing pressure on the food production system.

“There is one thing that makes America great and it’s agriculture,” said Schrof.

Over 50% of the world’s food supply is produced by the United States, Brazil, and Argentina. “Over the next 40 years, we must produce more food than has been produced over the past 10,000 years combined,” quoted Shrof, “If you guys go into agriculture, you’re going to be the ones pulling this off.”

CFB members listened intently to career advice and industry insight from Geoff Schrof.

Shrof continued to talk about the benefits of genetically modified crops in the agriculture industry. GMO technology on the production side for field corn, soybeans, and more doesn’t necessarily increase yield but it stabilizes and protects the yield you already have. “Perception is reality,” said Shrof, “and consumers’ perception is that GMOs are bad.”

The speaker concluded with full-time and internship opportunities for students and graduates. Shrof emphasized the need for more motivated people as the company and industry grows. When asked what his favorite part about working at the company is, Schrof said, “the people.”




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