WI Assembly Representative Keith Ripp visits CFB meeting

Representative Keith Ripp from Assembly District 42 in Lodi, Wisconsin spoke at Collegiate Farm Bureau’s second meeting of the semester. Representative Ripp serves on the Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage, and Workforce Development. He is Chair of the Committee on Workforce Development and Vice Chair of the Committee on Local Government. Ripp graduated from UW-Madison Farm and industry Short Course in 1981 and currently operates a farm in Lodi.

Ripp spoke about the current legislative affairs he is involved with in transportation, education, and laws surrounding hemp in Wisconsin. While Ripp emphasized that agriculture and transportation are his strong points, representatives deal with a thousand different topics such as manufacturing, healthcare, and education. “We always try to encourage more people in the ag community to get involved,” said Representative Ripp.

“We always try to encourage more people in the ag community to get involved.”

Representative Keith Ripp speaking to the Collegiate Farm Bureau members.

CFB senior Abigail Martin asked about the milk supply and recent end to many Grassland milk supply contracts. Representative Ripp said, “We’re in a cycle right now, where we’ve got a lot of milk supply out there. Other states are even off worse than we are. Maybe we’re too good at what we do.” He discussed possible solutions such as increasing exports and coming up with better trade deals. Ripp also discussed the potential implication of cutting off grain trade with Mexico.

Representative Ripp ended by saying, “It’s about educating, as farmers we continually educate. We educate our colleagues, we educate our peers.”



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