World Dairy Expo Cheese Stand in photos

Every year at the World Dairy Expo the Collegiate Farm Bureau at UW-Madison and the Badger Dairy Club partner to operate the Cheese Stand. The Cheese Stand at World Dairy Expo is a student run food stand that makes the iconic grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate shakes. The stand makes thousands of grilled cheese sandwiches during World Dairy Expo in Madison Wisconsin. Money raised goes to educational trips and activities for college students.

Check out a few photo highlights of CFB members.

Photos were provided by Sara Griswold, CFB vice president and World Dairy Expo media intern. 

CFB members Marisa Klister and Keisha Verbeten butter bread for soon-to-be golden, crispy grilled cheese sandwiches. 
Sophomore Sam Danton stacks cheese next to a sizzling griddle of buffalo wing monterey jack grilled cheese sandwiches (the Wednesday flavor of the day).
JJ McClelland, World Dairy Expo general chair and UW-Madison senior, prepares the bread on the griddle for the cheese!
Logan Gutenberger, UW-Madison senior, holds up two delicious sandwiches ready for purchase!

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