CFB starts the school year off strong

Returning members and new members of the Collegiate Farm Bureau (CFB) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison gathered in a lecture hall in the Animal Sciences Building to start the school year. “I’m so excited for Collegiate Farm Bureau to start this year, because not only do we have a new advisor but we also have lots of new members here and will accomplish a lot this year,” said member and former Ag in the Classroom Director, Alison Wedig.

Amy Blakeney, the District 2 coordinator for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation (WFBF), spoke at the first CFB meeting about the relationship between CFB and WFBF and the Young Farmers and Agriculturalists (YFA) Conference. She said, “The Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter and Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation work together as a voice for farmers and a vision for agriculture. I look forward to working with Collegiate Farm Bureau to UW-Madison to help be an advocate for agriculture on campus, to promote agriculture and share agriculture’s story on campus.

CFB’s new adivsor, Dairy Science faculty Ted Halbach, introduced himself and provided a trivia quiz for members. At the first meeting, CFB also discussed the World Dairy Expo, played a trivia ice breaker and started to promote various campus events this Fall including the Food Evolution film screening and the new Harvest Handouts program.


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