Summer Discussion Series: Sara Griswold communicates agriculture through personal story

Sara Griswold is a senior majoring in Life Sciences Communication with the Agriculture Business Management Certificate. She grew up just west of Madison in Black Earth, Wisconsin on her family’s hobby farm. Sara was actively involved in 4-H and exhibited beef, dairy and swine at many fairs and shows throughout Wisconsin. She has always had a love for agriculture and feeding the world.

Young Sara Griswold

“Talking with other students and fellow classmates about agriculture can be very challenging especially at UW-Madison. A couple things that have worked good for me when talking with students about agriculture is making what I am talking about relatable to something that they can understand. For example, it’s sometimes hard to understand the difference between beef cattle and dairy cattle, what their purposes are and the different breeds associated with each. I relate this to dog breeds. Explaining how there are many different dog breeds and how each breed has a different purpose, whether that be hunting, guarding or just being a pet. Similarly, dairy cattle’s purpose is to produce milk and some dairy cattle breeds are Holsteins, the black and white cows and Jersey’s the brown cows. Whereas beef cattle’s main purpose is for protein, meat. There are also many different breeds of beef cattle including Angus, Herford and Charolais just to name a few!

When I am talking with classmates and student on campus I always am sure to use a personal story.

When I am talking with classmates and student on campus I always am sure to use a personal story. At the end of the day they may not agree with what you tell them or try to explain to them, but if they do remember something it will likely be about your personal experiences. I like to tell people about my experiences being involved in 4-H and growing up on a hobby farm. Explaining how the life lessons of responsibility, hard work and time management that were taught to me at a young age have opened up so many doors for me and shaped me into the person I am today.”



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